Veronika Hegrová

Veronika Kráčmar Hegrová vede v hyponamíru obchodní tým hypotečních specialistů. Její znalosti a zkušenosti předává nejen svým kolegům, ale i vám.

How to increase your mortgage

Are you paying off your mortgage and have you decided to add another floor, repair the roof, facade or embark on a total renovation? Have you misjudged your budget and are short of money to complete your property? In these situations, people are often interested in the possibility of increasing their mortgage. We’ll show you how to do it.

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Mortgage fines and what to watch out for

If you breach the terms of the mortgage as described in the contract, the bank may require you to pay a fine or other fees. For example, you may pay if you do not use the entire mortgage, if you default on a monthly payment or if you pay off the mortgage early outside the fixing period. Find out how much you will pay in different situations.