Roman Muller

Roman Müller je obsahový specialista se zaměřením na finanční trh, především hypotéky. V oboru se pohybuje už řadu let a tak ví, co vás zajímá.

Mortgage for foreigners: how to get it?

Foreigners can also apply for a mortgage to purchase their own property in the Czech Republic. Each bank follows its own methodology when assessing mortgage applications from foreign nationals. Foreign nationals usually have to meet stricter criteria to obtain a home loan. Read on to find out what is needed to get a mortgage for foreigners.

Mortgage and flat tax

According to the Ministry of Finance, approximately 78,000 self-employed entrepreneurs are currently using the so-called flat-rate tax. These flat-rate tax payers do not file tax returns, which banks need to assess the amount of their income. How do self-employed persons with a flat tax prove the amount of their income to the bank?

Trend of building savings

Building savings is one of the most popular financial products in the Czech Republic, and interest in it was record last year. According to the findings of the Czech Press Office, in 2021 the number of newly negotiated contracts exceeded half a million. The total volume of provided loans from building savings was also historically the highest.

Daň z nabytí nemovitosti

Mortgage for self-employed and entrepreneurs

There are currently more than one million entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic who have self-employment as their main source of income. These entrepreneurs, like employees, can also obtain a mortgage. One of the main requirements when applying for a mortgage is to prove the amount and source of income. Read how banks view the income of entrepreneurs and how to get the required mortgage amount?