We fight for a better mortgage for you

  • Interest reduction of 0.2% compared to your bank
  • Mortgage discount of CZK 40,000 in average 
  • We continuously monitor the best conditions
  • Fast & completely online processing
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5,69 %
monthly savings
or shortening term by
10 years
5,69 %
monthly savings
or shortening term by
10 years
I'll fill in the details myself and see everything on the website, similarly to online banking.
I prefer phone calls and in-person meetings with an adviser or in the bank.
One non-binding call to
discuss your options.
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💪 Why are we better

Typical financial advisers

  • They don't have an overview of the whole market, but have favourite banks instead.
  • They're wasting your time in personal meetings.
  • They relentlessly offer you other products, like investments or savings.
  • You constantly have to haggle over the interest rate.
  • You'll wait weeks for the final offer.
  • Their main interest is getting a commission.
  • Fully online, your signature is only needed for the contract in the bank.
  • The best interest rate in the first offer.
  • Setting up your mortgage so that you can pay it back comfortably.
  • Fast processing and no unnecessary paperwork.
  • We monitor the best conditions for you throughout the whole mortgage term.

How does it work

  1. Comparison of all mortgages in Czechia
    5 minutes
    Provide as much information as possible to refine the offer and get better conditions. We'll also get you an online mortgage specialist, who will be at your disposal. After a careful inspection, we'll give you a very specific offer by the next day.
    hyponamiru specialistahyponamiru specialistahyponamiru specialista
    we're online
  2. Mortgage purpose to the bank
    within 1 day
    Non-biding inquiry to the bank. Validation of the supplied documents and identity verification. At this stage, the bank confirms the offered conditions and checks whether it has all necessary documents.
  3. Property appraisal
    within 5 days
    The bank conducts a property appraisal while we're checking the following: an extract of cadastre of real estates, legitimate owner, lien, foreclosures, easements and other mortgages. As a premium service, we can also have the sales contract checked for you by a partner law firm.
  4. Leave paperwork to us
    within 2-7 days
    The list of required documents:
    - extract of cadastre of real estates
    - lien for the property being purchased
    - sales contract (or agreement on the future contract)
    Detailed list of documents
  5. Signing at the bank
    5 days
    The bank will prepare all contractual documentation for you to sign at your preferred bank branch.
  6. Money in your account
    1 week
    We'll help you to meet the requirements for getting money for a property (for example, getting rid of overdraft). We keep an eye on the deadlines so you can use the money as soon as possible and without any penalties.
  7. Monitoring the best conditions
    Our system automatically checks whether you have the best conditions available on the market. You'll get notified in time when there's a possibility to save money or shorten the mortgage term.
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About hyponamíru

We're ready to
fight for a better mortgage for you

We want to make it easier, faster and more convenient for you to get the best deal on a mortgage. As online mortgage specialists, we are aware that we must work exceptionally hard to earn your trust.

We are fully regulated by the Czech National Bank and The Office for Personal Data Protection. It goes without saying that all our specialists are qualified, experienced and friendly.

We've developed technology that allows us to compare over 25,000 mortgage loan combinations, to make sure you always get the best deal. Moreover, we'll partner with you throughout the entire term of your mortgage so that you don't miss out on any extra payments or possibility to refinance.

Like all mortgage brokers, we're paid by the banking houses and will never charge you any extra fees. We are here for you anytime, anywhere.

Hyponamíru team