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I have nothing to complain about. A professional and fast service.

Roman Č. | Purchase

I had to get all the paperwork ready, but thanks to a skilled broker and a user-friendly online mortgage registration system, the process itself was very convenient.

Martin M. | Refinancing

I've never met such an expert before. Ms. Cahová was the best thing that could have happened to me in my situation. I'm extremely grateful to her, as she has easily solved many obstacles on my side. I'm beyond grateful that I've decided to use your service, as you've made the whole process extremely easy and it was always pleasant to communicate with you.

Helena N. | Purchase

Very good cooperation and communication with the mortgage bank.

Sára V. | American

Ms. Cikánková was a perfect point of contact. She was very helpful and trustworthy. If it wasn't for the pressure and attitude at the UCB bank, I'd have closed the deal with you.

Ondřej M. | Purchase

I've found Hypo na míru by chance, without a prior recommendation, and I'm very satisfied with the communication and expertise of Ms. Kolouchová. I'd recommend the company to everyone for arranging a loan. :-) Ms. Barbora Kolouchová was always very pleasant.

Ivana N. | Refinancing

My adviser is amazing! ? She's always helpful and pleasant, simply top-notch... I've enjoyed working together very much. ? I'm completely satisfied. ? I'm so happy I've found you. ? I'll recommend you whenever I can. ?

Petra M. | Purchase

Ms. Žáčková is the best! :)

Radek H. | Refinancing

This is how I imagine a top-notch consultant service. They're looking for solutions for their customer, not for themselves. That's a quality many consultants still lack. Up until now, I've been doing it all myself. I was recommended this service and I believe it paid off. I pay less interest and fees than if I had negotiated the deal with the bank as an individual. The Hypo na míru service is free and yet of an excellent quality.

Karel S. | Purchase

Amazing and professional approach, great communication and help. I can wholeheartedly recommend, they've arranged everything and helped me get a mortgage.

Simona K. | Purchase