Guide - Refinancing my mortgage

How do I refinance my mortgage? Find out how to refinance your mortgage, when it pays to refinance your mortgage and what benefits you can get.

I'm refinancing my mortgage

If you are not happy with the interest rate or terms of your mortgage with your current bank, you can refinance. You can use our mortgage calculator to quickly compare mortgages. Our mortgage specialists will explain the process of refinancing your mortgage, what you need to consider and how to get the best terms.

When is it worth refinancing a mortgage?

Most people decide to refinance their mortgage when they get a better interest rate from another bank. The mortgage offers of individual banks differ not only in interest rates, but also in terms and conditions or the breadth of benefits offered. For example, if you arrange your mortgage, property insurance and repayment capacity with one bank, you will usually get a better interest rate. If you are considering refinancing and want to get an overview of the current interest rates offered by each bank, use our mortgage calculator. With a better interest rate, you can save several thousand crowns a year.

The mortgage refinancing process

Refinancing a mortgage is very simple. Your new bank will get all the necessary documents from your previous bank, take care of many formalities, pay off your existing mortgage and you will start repaying the loan with more favourable terms. If you decide to refinance your mortgage through HYPOnaMÍ, a mortgage specialist will guide you through the entire refinancing process online.

Mortgage under supervision

HYPOnaMí offers a unique service on the Czech market - the Mortgage Guard. This service can be used by anyone who is paying off a mortgage. It does not matter if you have taken out a mortgage through HYPOnaMÍ or anywhere else. The mortgage monitoring procedure is very simple. Just enter the basic parameters of the mortgage into our system and it is up to us to monitor the extra payments, the fixation period or the current opportunities on the mortgage market. The service is free of charge.