Guide - arranging a mortgage

How to arrange a mortgage? Find out how banks work when arranging a mortgage, what documents you'll need and what you can do online.

I'm arranging a mortgage

Today, you can arrange a mortgage online without having to go to individual banks. Our mortgage specialists will help you choose the best mortgage on the market and guide you through the entire mortgage process. They will explain how a mortgage works, what documents you will need to arrange a mortgage or what the process is for refinancing a mortgage. Our mortgage specialists will save you a lot of time that you can spend on your work, family or hobbies.

Arranging a mortgage online

You can easily arrange a mortgage online from your office or living room. After filling out the basic information in our mortgage calculator and submitting it, our mortgage specialist will call you. Together, you will discuss your individual needs and add information that will serve to narrow down the best mortgage options. You will usually receive specific offers from each bank within 24 hours. The day after the offer is sent, our mortgage specialist will contact you again to discuss your options in detail.

Transmission of sensitive personal data

If you like one of the offers and want to arrange a mortgage, sensitive information will be forwarded and copies of the documents needed to create an application for the bank will be sent. Once the mortgage specialist has obtained all the necessary information, they will prepare the mortgage application. You will receive the completed application via email and you will review the completed information. The prepared application must also be signed, so a courier will visit you at a pre-arranged location to verify your identity and you will sign the application. Once these formalities have been completed, we will send the application to the bank, which will carry out what is known as scoring the mortgage applicant. We will inform you by text message and e-mail that the application has been forwarded to the bank and the result of the scoring.

Mortgage approval

Once the bank approves your application, you will be contacted by our mortgage specialist who will send you a list of documents that are required to arrange the mortgage.

To arrange a mortgage, banks usually require:

  • Two identity documents
  • Documents confirming the source and amount of income
  • In the case of self-employed persons, the most recent tax return with confirmation of payment or overpayment of tax
  • Three most recent current account statements (if arranging a mortgage with a bank other than your current account)
  • Contract of sale or contract for future sale
  • Any other documents required by the specific bank

Once the mortgage specialist has received all the documents from you, the mortgage loan proceeds to the approval stage. The time it takes to approve a mortgage depends on the current capacity of the bank in question and can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. Once the mortgage loan is approved, we will send you a loan agreement, which the mortgage specialist will discuss with you over the phone and explain everything needed. You can sign the loan agreement at your chosen bank branch, post office or notary. After signing the contract, you can start drawing the loan.