Guide - choosing a mortgage

How to choose a mortgage? Find out how to choose a mortgage, which bank offers the lowest interest rates and who can arrange your mortgage online.

I'm choosing a mortgage

The parameters and conditions of mortgages vary from bank to bank and it takes a lot of time to find the best deal. Our experienced mortgage specialists keep track of the current mortgage offers, so they can quickly compare their terms and conditions and choose the best one for you. We'll show you how to go about choosing a mortgage and how to get one that fits your individual needs.

Lowest mortgage interest rates

If you've already looked for a property and need to know your estimated monthly payment and interest rate, use our mortgage calculator. Just enter the value of the property you are buying, the amount of the mortgage you want and select the repayment period and the fixing period. You can use the mortgage calculator not only if you are interested in a new mortgage, but also if you are thinking about refinancing an existing mortgage or considering taking out a US mortgage. The mortgage calculator will also tell you how much a mortgage will put on your family budget.

Getting mortgage offers from multiple banks

To present specific mortgage offers of individual banks, you need to fill in some additional information. Important for us are information about the property you plan to finance with a mortgage, information about the applicant and contact details. You can fill in all this information online in our mortgage calculator.

You can use a mortgage to finance, for example:

  • Apartment in private ownership
  • Cooperative apartment
  • Land
  • Family house
  • Recreational property
  • Residential house
  • New building

Information about the applicant:

  • Number of applicants
  • Age of oldest applicant
  • Marital status
  • Total net monthly income of all
  • applicants
  • Type of income (from employment, self-employed, other source of income)
  • Previous payment history

You can arrange your mortgage online

With HYPOnaMÍ you have the opportunity to get a mortgage online from the comfort of your home. If you want to deal with a mortgage online, mark this option in the mortgage calculator. After filling in and submitting the required data, you will be presented with mortgage offers from individual banking houses. You will then receive a text message and email from us with information on how to proceed.